Sunday, May 19, 2013

This has been going on for too long

This article might be from 1996 but a lot of the things in this article are still relevant today.

Part Buddha, part Madonna, Supreme Master Ching Hai promises immediate enlightenment to San Jose's Asian immigrants


Ching Hai also teaches what she calls the Convenient Method--a sort of Quan Yin Lite for new initiates--which requires meditating only half an hour per day, and eating vegetarian for 10 days per month. "When children are 6 years old, if they are with initiated parents, they can be half-initiated," Ching Hai rather arbitrarily mandates. "When they are 12, if they have parents who also practice, they can be initiated fully."


Though Ching Hai may not pose any physical threat to her followers, she may nevertheless be doing them other forms of damage. "It was mostly just the money, and the breaking up of the family," Singer says of her callers' laments. "That's what was causing the greatest pain. Telling the spouse that if they don't join Ching Hai, they would have to leave them."

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vegans, Please Don't Eat at Loving Hut

Loving Hut is owned by Supreme Master Ching Hai and her cult. Please do not eat there.

The individual restaurants are owned by individual people but in order to open up a Loving Hut under that name and brand the restaurant owners are forced to buy Ching Hai's logo design, food, furnishing and whatever else they might need. All of the money spent for opening up a Loving Hut goes directly to Chin Hai. If the owners are not directly paying her then they are indirectly paying her by continuing to buy into her cult and waste their time within the cult.

If you are a vegan or even if you just enjoy vegan food every now and then, please do not eat at a Loving Hut any more. We must not feed Ching Hai any more.

Not ever cult is easy to spot. Not every cult is a group of people living in tents in the middle of nowhere. This is a cult and Supreme master Ching Hai is the leader. Stop letting this woman get away with stealing people's money and ruining lives.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine

Ching Hai was one of many so called spiritual leaders/religious leaders who claimed that the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. I am writing this blog in 2013 so we know that is not true. Do you know why we all did not die according to Ching Hai?

Because of her followers. So many people had become vegan and followed her method that it gave her (God) enough energy to save the world.

What. The. Fuck.

She just put it all back on her followers meaning that now members of the cult have a false feeling that they did something huge and great for the world. But the world was never going to be destroyed and no one was going to die on December 21st. She just made her cult followers feel as if buying all of her crap and doing everything she says made a huge difference in the world thus ensuring that they will continue to buy all f her crap and follower her regardless of what she says.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


WANT unlimited wealth - no taxes to pay - little or no government supervision? 
Simple! Proclaim yourself God and start your own cult. It is easier than you
may think. No Spiritual training or knowledge is required. Just follow these
easy to understand step by step instructions and you will be on your way to
becoming a tax free multi-millionaire with private jets, yachts and secret
getaways all over the world.


Your first step is to proclaim yourself God. Or, if that is too ambitious, try
something like "Supreme Spiritual Master" or "Reincarnation of a Past Prophet"
or whatever. Just make it sound super great and powerful. You might want to
make up a previously unknown title for yourself so you can get a copyright on
it and sue anyone who talks bad about you.

You are going to need some church literature - propaganda - that will give
arguments to support your super powers. Most people just copy stuff from
someone else. Paul Twitchell just went to the local library, checked out almost
anything, and then copied a paragraph from each separate book word for word and
made a new book claiming it was his own work. He explained lack of continuity
by saying that you could not understand his great wisdom because you were not
spiritually advanced enough. Since plagiarism is common, the people you copy
from are not likely to complain because they most likely copied their stuff from
someone else also.

Next, you need to start a small following which you will gradually grow into a
worldwide cult. In practice, this process usually takes longer than a single
lifetime. So, your best formula is to use your cult as a family business like
the Singh family does. One member of the family plays the part of "god" and all
of the other family members support him and benefit financially.

You are going to need to do a little leg work to attract and hold a small core
following. You will need to hold small meetings and keep spouting trash until
you find a few suckers that will follow you around and believe you are some
super master. It may take a while to get started but things will exponentially
pick up as time goes on.


You need to understand and master the basic con game practiced by essentially
all cults. Some key points to remember are:

1. I am a master and you are not. You can never equal my super powers. You
are inferior, a sinner, loaded with karma, a worthless person, etc. NEVER ADMIT
MISTAKES. It is a sign of weakness.

2. Have an explanation for everything - even if it is illogical. People in
cults gradually lose the capacity to do critical thinking and will accept most
anything as true.

3. If you need to change a policy, say that the "new policy" has "always
existed" and there never was an "old policy". People will believe a lie if it
is repeated often enough. It is a basic principle of brainwashing.

4. "Treat a whore like a lady and a lady like a whore". Your followers are
"ladies". They are honest but naive. You are going to rape them and not only
steal their money but also ruin any chance they may have for legitimate
Spiritual development. For some reason, if you treat them like trash, they will
be more likely to remain as your followers. It works for Gurinder.

It would be a great help if you could find someone with an established
reputation and then use that person's good reputation to further your scam. 
Paul Twitchell used the respected writer Brad Steiger and Charan Singh used
David Lane. In both cases, people with respected and legitimate credentials
were successfully used to promote the scams.


From Faqir Chand, a legitimate master [David Lane's book on Chand is on the
internet but the URL occasionally changes so just search for Faqir Chand and the
book "Truth Always Wins"], we know he reports that his followers tell him, from
time to time, that he "appears" to them and helps them. However, Chand, an
honest man, states he has no knowledge of any of this and does not know why it
happens. However, we do know that these things happen. So, you, as a fake
master, can look for this phenomenon and take advantage of it to make people
really believe that you are some kind of god. These affected people will be
loyal to you for life and can be used as an unshakable core of your evil empire
because they have totally convinced themselves that you are for real.


In order to design a cult that will withstand the test of time, you must have an
effective secrecy and security plan in effect. Otherwise, people who have
figured out you are a fake will expose you. You will lose your following and
your cult will go out of existence.

The main secret you need to keep secret is money. You don't ever want your
followers to find out all the stuff and assets you have or where they are
hidden. The main purpose of setting up your cult was to get rich. But, you
never talk about this. You talk about the quest for enlightenment. You never
say anything about how "enlightened" your bank account has become.

To ensure control you need a standard "need to know" hierarchy. Your family
knows you are a scam artist and they are in on the scam. Some trusted friends
may be too. But, your followers must never know the truth or they will leave
you in a heartbeat.

You need an information control system where all information passes thru you so
you can control knowledge. Knowledge is power. The cult members must only be
allowed the bare minimum of knowledge about your cult. Make it hard for them to
learn the identity of other members so they do not start "comparing notes" which
could allow them to uncover the real truth. All orders come from you. You
appoint all in positions of authority. Everyone "serves" at your pleasure.

Eventually, you may need to set up some kind of damage control system. For
example, if someone catches you in a hot tub with naked girls doing cocaine it
could ruin your reputation as a "holy" person. You may need hired thugs and
assassins to make sure that anyone who learns the truth about you never lives to
talk. After all, there is a multi-million dollar business at stake here. Who
cares about a few lives.

Having taken all the necessary steps to set up a viable cult, you and your
relatives can now relax and just watch the tax free money roll in. Delegate any
remaining jobs and just let the system run on "automatic pilot". Tell followers
you are "off talking with god" or any story you want to make up. 
Representatives can do all the leg work now. You don't even have to be seen any
more. Just say you are "watching everything from an invisible plane" or some
such crap. The fools that follow you will recruit more fools and your cult and
bank account will continue to grow."

So from this, did you recognize any or many similarities to your group?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Cult took my wife – now it’s funding a woodland in North Wales

AN ELDERLY man who lost his wife to a religious cult has pleaded with the Woodland Trust not to take money from the group.
Henry Iban said he was “dismayed and saddened” that Coed Cadw (the Woodland Trust in Wales) accepted £100,000 from spiritual teacher Supreme Master Ching Hai. The money is to be used to buy and restore Cwm Mynach, a 1,000-acre valley near Dolgellau.
Coed Cadw, which has defended the gift, hopes to complete the deal in the next few days.
Mr Iban – not his real name – said the money had been donated to “buy credibility” for Ching Hai. He urged Coed Cadw to return the money, as President Clinton and the US Red Cross did with similar donations when they learned more about the organisation.
In a letter to the Trust, he wrote: “I recognise fully that you need funds for the Welsh project.

“But those of us who have had the lives of our families severely and irreversibly damaged by this cult, believe that such donations are in effect blood money.”

Mr Iban refuses to use his real name. A retired senior professional in London, he said his wife, an academic, became embroiled with the cult 12 years ago. 
After her behaviour and spending became erratic, they divorced, leaving Mr Iban to fend for his 10-year-old son.
“She would disappear at a moment’s notice when the Supreme Master called, once on Christmas Eve,” he said. “Often it was for months at a time – we didn’t even know what continent she was on.
“It put a drain on the family. She had a well-paid job, which she lost, and she started buying the cult’s jewellery at £7,000-£8,000-per-item.
“I tried to accommodate her but it was difficult – in the end I filed for divorce to protect the family finances.”
His wife was always interested in Eastern mysticism and she fell into the cult’s clutches at a spiritualist fair in London.
At first Mr Iban failed to recognise the dangers and indulged her new passion. But when he researched the group, he found the world’s fastest growing cult was alarming cult watchers.
As well as being a painter, poet and Buddhist nun, Vietnamese-born Ching Hai is a fashion designer and beauty makeover consultant.
 Her group promotes vegetarianism and claims to support tree planting and efforts to curb climate change.
In the US, however, Ching Hai was criticised after causing $1m damage to a mangrove plantation in a national park.
The Woodland Trust needed to raise £850,000 to buy pine-clad Cwm Mynach and restore it to native woodland.
In return for its donation, Ching Hai said it wanted to make a film about the group’s trip to Wales, to be shown on its own 24-hour satellite TV station (Sky channel 835).
Coed Cadw spokesman Rory Francis defended the gift. In response to Mr Iban’s letter, he said: “Could I reassure you the Woodland Trust has procedures to rigorously check out all high value donations against key criteria pertaining to legality and Trust policy.”
Mr Francis said the Trust always investigated corporate donors to safeguard its reputation. It found nothing untoward about Ching Hai, neither did the group request publicity.
Mr Iban is undeterred. He alleged Ching Hai had not only broken up his marriage, it had extracted “very large sums of money” from his family which was now being used to finance projects like Cym Mynach.
Followers say much of the money Ching Hai makes is used for helping the poor, refugees and victims of environmental disasters.
Spokesman Zamir Elahi said: “Membership is entirely voluntary – there is no joining fee and no donations are expected. People join through free will.
“The Supreme Master makes money by selling products, like any other businesperson, and redistributes everything to good causes around the world.”