Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine

Ching Hai was one of many so called spiritual leaders/religious leaders who claimed that the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. I am writing this blog in 2013 so we know that is not true. Do you know why we all did not die according to Ching Hai?

Because of her followers. So many people had become vegan and followed her method that it gave her (God) enough energy to save the world.

What. The. Fuck.

She just put it all back on her followers meaning that now members of the cult have a false feeling that they did something huge and great for the world. But the world was never going to be destroyed and no one was going to die on December 21st. She just made her cult followers feel as if buying all of her crap and doing everything she says made a huge difference in the world thus ensuring that they will continue to buy all f her crap and follower her regardless of what she says.


  1. I had the misfortune of going out with a man consumed by this cult. He didn't talk about it very much for the first 3 months that we were dating but then we moved in together and all hell broke loose. The first thing I noticed was his medallion he wore with her pictures on front and back. I should have walked away from the relationship right there but stupid me...I liked the guy. He refused to talk about it or his beliefs, I assumed he was either Pagan or Buddhist and left it alone. After he moved in, however, he tried to get me to initiate but wouldn't give me any details. I was baffled at his alter having a picture of Jesus, a David's Star, a merkaba, some trinkets, and a few items with this cult leader on it including her book. He was adamant that I convert and showed me an aura picture of himself "proving" to me that he has found the one true supreme master. So I read her book.! Anyone with intelligence would realize that this is a huge scam.
    Apparently, she is teaching an ancient method thousands of years old and her way is the only way to enlightenment. And of course, my boyfriend couldn't tell me anything because it was all a huge secret that only initiates could know (truth is, he had no clue either, other than being vegan, meditating 4 hours per day, and drinking her bath water). That is where Google comes in. I spent an afternoon reverse-engineering this "theology" and decided to share it all here with you.

  2. Back in the early 13th century, Sant Mat became a popular religion in India. The original teachings were a product of Hindi and a few other Middle Eastern religions of that era. It was actually a beautiful religion teaching self love and actualization. But like every religion, it became convoluted and cloudy over time, especially as it spread and regions adapted their own subcultural infusion to the theology. Over the next few centuries, various religions emerged from Sant Mat including Sikhism, Sufism, and many cults lead by people who claimed that they were the only true supreme master (santguru, swami, yogi, etc.). This divergence of cultural cultism started mutating the Sant Mat religion into something completely different than what it was intended to be. Shiv Dayal Singh, a charismatic man, influenced a large number of people in northern India into a belief system known later as Radha Soami (more people emerged and created their own belief system but this gets really confusing). This is where another huge theological divergence occurs. As time went by, initiates branched off and created their own followings and lineages. The best known is the Singh lineage, which today, teaches that there are 5 rulers of the cosmos: Sahans-dal-Kenwal, Trikuti, Daswan Dwar, Bhanwar Gupha, and Sakh Kand. (The original Sant Mat religion and Sikh religion observe different rulers of the cosmos; I will explain later). However, Radha Soami belief system also diverged into sub-cults as initiates claimed their rights to become supreme master in their own rite. In the 1950's and 60's, the Radha Soami belief system spread globally and many people found a chance to use these teachings to their own advantage and their cults sprang up everywhere: Eckankar, Movement of Inner Light Awareness, Suma Ching Hai, Breatharian Institute of America, Divine Light Mission, Raja Hindustani, Darshanian Dassi and many others. Differences between all of the modern, sub Radha Soami cults include type of initiation, type of diet expected, expected morals and values, how one reaches enlightenment, the five holy names, and of course, who is the one true supreme master on earth and how to worship them. What's more interesting, the five holy names (or the rulers of the cosmos/planes/elements/levels, etc.) depend on the lineage from which the cult derived from. The holy names in most of these cults are former deceased masters within that lineage, some are of yogis or other monks from the 17 - 19th centuries, and a few names are of gods from Middle Eastern religions. Ching Hai's holy names happens to come from a combination of deceased masters from Radha Soami lineage, an offshoot of a Hindu word, one monk, and one from a different branch of Sikhism: Jyot Naranjan, Onkar, Raronkar, Sohang, and Satnam. Initiates often do not know that the holy names are former masters/teachers and the information is not readily available. Initiates are often not aware of the different branches of cults stemming from Sant Mat, but are always told that their way is the one true way. What's even more interesting, the roots of Ching Hai were mixed with Catholicism and the Quin Yin cult of China. This allows for more of an integration of Asian cultures into her Americanized cult. In the end, she is nothing more than a charismatic cult leader who became rich off of the naivety of those she influences. Initiates believe they do not worship their master and are blind to the fact that they worship their cult leaders. A paradigm which can't be shown to those absorbed into the cult.
    My boyfriend and I broke up shortly after I showed him all of my research. I am not sure if he still worships this lady but I learned a lot from this experience. He spent 25 years and a small fortune on this journey to enlightenment, and he probably will spend the rest of his life spinning his wheels. I wish the best for those who befall such a dilemma.

    1. Although Sant Mat took inspiration from Hindu and Muslim mystics as for back as the 13th century and possibly earlier, the Radha Soami Satsang, and its line of Singh / Sikh masters wasn't formally established until the 19th century, maybe the end of the 18th century, not before. Paul Twitchell, the founder of Eckankar, plagiarizes a lot of material from the Radha Soami literature, especially a book called to Path of the Masters by Julian Johnson - just read J. J.'s the Path of the Masters and Eckankar: Key to Secret Worlds side by side, and you'll see what I mean. I just ran across this forum when I was googling up Supreme Master Ching Hai to see her relationship to Eckankar, if any, since her teachings seem to be based on the Light and Sound, which are also core teachings of Eckankar and Sant Mat. I once belonged to an online chat group that derisively called these various Light and Sound groups, whose teachings are so similar to Eckankar, as "Eckspawn".

  3. Wow, what is with cult leaders wanting fools to drink their bath water?

    My family follows a Krishna cult leader Chris Butler "Siddhaswarupananda" and he distributes his footbath water and toenail clippings for consumption!

    Disgusting. That's not Hare Krishna, that's black magic cultic ritual.

  4. We should report this to the police so this person can go to jail. This cult sound like illegal and cheat people money


    1. Ching Hai is a disciple of Thakar Singh (Sikhism – not Buddhism). Ching Hai now claims to have a religious standing that is a trillion times higher than those of Buddha and Christ???
    Ching Hai has learnt and applied the meditation method of Thakar Singh, a man without any attainment. For that reason, all individuals in the Quan Yin association are misconducting as religious practitioners.

    2. Religious practice requires honesty, transparency, mercy, and love. It should not deceive others or take advantage of power to commit fraud, exercise repressions, commit slander or heartlessly expel disciples who dared to tell the truth (in order to muzzle them), etc.
    An immediate emancipation method is not a method bound to a meditation centre without democracy or without the right to voice opinions, not one where only compliance with directions counts. This sometimes makes people concerned and anxious, and they no longer trust their wisdom.

    3. Ching Hai claims to become a Buddha to give initiation to her disciples (but she secretly entered into a fake marriage with a royal member in Cambodia on May 28th, 1997, under the name Chan (Ching) Navy (Hai))???
    It is called emancipation method – but why did she force all of her disciples to follow the Liaison election (January 11th, 2015) in Sydney, Australia! It is so unfair and unreasonable that anyone telling the truth will be dismissed from the Quan Yin association??? On August 10th, 2015, in Menton, France, Ching Hai told her disciples, who had been unreasonably and forcibly banned by the Foreign Group (FG), that the FG could do anything. The FG has the objective of receiving and announcing the direct will of Ching Hai in the Quan Yin Association, so why can it do anything?
    At present, Ching Hai claims to be a Leader - Tim Qo Tu at a spiritual level that is trillion times higher than Buddha and Christ??? Yet she secretly asked Bien Trong, the administrator of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Facebook page, allowing this person to declare not to take charge as a representative for Supreme Master Ching Hai and Quan Yin Association and to release information and advertisements, and defend Ching Hai – that is such a dubious thing to do???
    Ching Hai teaches her disciples to focus on inner values and meditate to search for True Self and spiritual uplifting as well as truth, goodness, and beauty that are not in line with the principles of the main practising method. Or all of these are just a deceitful doctrine of a spiritual practitioner aiming outer values, ambition of becoming a spiritual leader in this impermanent world.

    Former disciple Nhu Hue

    1. Most people who do not read Chinese characters or ideograms do not know that the very name "Kwan Yin" literally means "Contemplation on the Sound" - the Sound Current that is the basis of the Radha Soami teachings - and the teachings of Eckankar as well.

  6. Ching Hai follows the Sikh religion, hides under the cover of relief mission and vegetarianism, falsifies Quan Yin Method of Buddhism, cheats everyone to achieve fame in order to attract many people into following her religion. Because of her sophisticated deceit, which is difficult to detect in religions, her 3 masters, Venerable Thich Nhu Dien (Germany), Venerable Thich Tinh Hanh (Formosa), and Thakar Signh (India) have therefore spoken out to warn everyone, so that we will not fall into the dilemma of leading a religious life with no intellect, not following the right main stream dharma because Ching Hai campaigns for pure vegetarian regime but herself tells lies freely...

    Hey, disguised Tien Van or female ghost Thanh Hai! You proclaimed yourself as a Living Buddha at the initial realm, and in 1997 you got married with a young man and kissed each other - what kind of realm do you call? Now you proclaim yourself as a GOD TIM QO TU or SUPREME GAUTAMA BUDDHA OF ALL BUDDHAS whom you did not assume as such in the past. And at that time, you had never said that even Buddha could not know whatever you did, but Buddha only understood a bit? Deceiving such bloody things, what realm are you in, sister Hai? or your marriage in Kampuchea at that time was sent to the Original Universe by Queen of M├áras Tim Qo Tu Thanh Hai and so far Buddha and Jesus Christ are still in the Shadow Universe – is that your says? Hey disguised Tien Van or Mrs Thanh Hai !, you fabricated a story, only deceived your disciples and everyone at the initial stage and now everything has been exposed! At the initial stage, you lied to everyone that you passed from mind to mind (initiated) - called Quan-Jin method applicable to all Buddhas who have practiced this method in order to become Buddha; you never said this was a meditation of Sikh religion. Now the meditation of Sikh religion has been exposed so you had to make up a further story about this method being a branch of Sikh religion? Evil master Thanh Hai is a professional liar because in the past she did not accept to be a disciple of the Sikh religion of Mr Thakar Singh. Now everything has been exposed precisely so she had to accept it. However, again, she made up another story that she was transmitted from mind to mind (initiated) by Master KHUDA JI who had lived 450 years in Himalaya Mountain before passing away and the mind to mind transmission (initiation) was applied to her only? (for her only, because if there is another person, her lies will be exposed). She also said the mind transmission (initiation) of Sikh religion has been transmitted to her current life by Mr Thakar Singh, but in her past life, she was his great master and she was great, great master of Mr Thakar Singh’s disciple who is now he teaching mind transmission method of Sikh religion? (Mrs Thanh Hai is a bloody evil – a professional liar). She declares that any disciples who are faithful to her till death, will be entered the VIP super soul by her? (It must be the VIP super lie instead!!!). She also made up a story to cheat her disciples and said that after she was born, two Buddhas entered into the body and did a well clean and that her soul entered into the child’s body? (Female ghost Thanh Hai is a horrible liar!). Therefore all disciples of Thanh Hai religious sect have been brainwashed by the heterodoxy of a nefarious lady and they have believed in her very dull-witted and fanatic without reasonableness of normal people. Her crime, cheating and lying are so many, I only summarise and wish everyone should keep away from her. Namo Shakamuni Buddha.