Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vegans, Please Don't Eat at Loving Hut

Loving Hut is owned by Supreme Master Ching Hai and her cult. Please do not eat there.

The individual restaurants are owned by individual people but in order to open up a Loving Hut under that name and brand the restaurant owners are forced to buy Ching Hai's logo design, food, furnishing and whatever else they might need. All of the money spent for opening up a Loving Hut goes directly to Chin Hai. If the owners are not directly paying her then they are indirectly paying her by continuing to buy into her cult and waste their time within the cult.

If you are a vegan or even if you just enjoy vegan food every now and then, please do not eat at a Loving Hut any more. We must not feed Ching Hai any more.

Not ever cult is easy to spot. Not every cult is a group of people living in tents in the middle of nowhere. This is a cult and Supreme master Ching Hai is the leader. Stop letting this woman get away with stealing people's money and ruining lives.


  1. Ummm do you know what a franchise is? According to you Starbucks and chipotle is a cult as well. �� If that's the case then alright... ��

  2. money does not go to Ching hai, but you wouldn't believe me anyway. But I work closely with loving hut and was an investor at a previously location. Dunno where you're getting your info from

  3. I worked in management for several restaurants which are "franchised" own and even if a restaurant is individually owned proceeds still go to the original owner. I've been to one several times and have to admit the atmosphere seemed a bit off kilter as there are many vegan groups in which Loving Hut sponsor here locally and if you actually sat and listened to their teachings you'd be concerned too