Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Donations But We Accept "Blessings"

Ching Hai and her "religious organization" claim that they do not accept donations. This seems like such a nice thing on the surface but just because an organization or religious group says they do not accept donations does not mean that it is true.

A lot of groups get around the donations part by calling it something else like "blessings." Another very popular way to get around it is to sell overpriced items to members. Ching Hai loves to sell overpriced shit to her followers. She starts by giving away plenty of free stuff to get you interested then sells crap at high prices. Urgh, so much money wasted on books that are only useful for keeping a fire going.

I think the only thing Ching Hai loves more than selling useless crap is her restaurant Loving Hut. The restaurant is a franchise meaning that fans of Loving Hut (Ching Hai cult members) use their own money or a bank loan to set up a Loving Hut in their local area. And you bet your ass that the majority of the money goes to Ching Hai in some way or another. Setting up multiple franchises is one of the best ways that the franchise owner (Ching Hai) can make a ton of money. It cost thousands of dollars to set up a franchise. it is also very risky as the business could fail and the person who set it up, not Ching Hai, could lose everything. Meanwhile Ching Hai risks nothing, loses nothing, and gains a lot of money.



    1. Ching Hai is a disciple of Thakar Singh (Sikhism – not Buddhism). Ching Hai now claims to have a religious standing that is a trillion times higher than those of Buddha and Christ???
    Ching Hai has learnt and applied the meditation method of Thakar Singh, a man without any attainment. For that reason, all individuals in the Quan Yin association are misconducting as religious practitioners.

    2. Religious practice requires honesty, transparency, mercy, and love. It should not deceive others or take advantage of power to commit fraud, exercise repressions, commit slander or heartlessly expel disciples who dared to tell the truth (in order to muzzle them), etc.
    An immediate emancipation method is not a method bound to a meditation centre without democracy or without the right to voice opinions, not one where only compliance with directions counts. This sometimes makes people concerned and anxious, and they no longer trust their wisdom.

    3. Ching Hai claims to become a Buddha to give initiation to her disciples (but she secretly entered into a fake marriage with a royal member in Cambodia on May 28th, 1997, under the name Chan (Ching) Navy (Hai))???
    It is called emancipation method – but why did she force all of her disciples to follow the Liaison election (January 11th, 2015) in Sydney, Australia! It is so unfair and unreasonable that anyone telling the truth will be dismissed from the Quan Yin association??? On August 10th, 2015, in Menton, France, Ching Hai told her disciples, who had been unreasonably and forcibly banned by the Foreign Group (FG), that the FG could do anything. The FG has the objective of receiving and announcing the direct will of Ching Hai in the Quan Yin Association, so why can it do anything?
    At present, Ching Hai claims to be a Leader - Tim Qo Tu at a spiritual level that is trillion times higher than Buddha and Christ??? Yet she secretly asked Bien Trong, the administrator of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Facebook page, allowing this person to declare not to take charge as a representative for Supreme Master Ching Hai and Quan Yin Association and to release information and advertisements, and defend Ching Hai – that is such a dubious thing to do???
    Ching Hai teaches her disciples to focus on inner values and meditate to search for True Self and spiritual uplifting as well as truth, goodness, and beauty that are not in line with the principles of the main practising method. Or all of these are just a deceitful doctrine of a spiritual practitioner aiming outer values, ambition of becoming a spiritual leader in this impermanent world.
    Former disciple Nhu Hue.

  2. Ching Hai follows the Sikh religion, hides under the cover of relief mission and vegetarianism, falsifies Quan Yin Method of Buddhism, cheats everyone to achieve fame in order to attract many people into following her religion. Because of her sophisticated deceit, which is difficult to detect in religions, her 3 masters, Venerable Thich Nhu Dien (Germany), Venerable Thich Tinh Hanh (Formosa), and Thakar Signh (India) have therefore spoken out to warn everyone, so that we will not fall into the dilemma of leading a religious life with no intellect, not following the right main stream dharma because Ching Hai campaigns for pure vegetarian regime but herself tells lies freely...