Sunday, January 27, 2013

Swan Abuse

Do you want to look at pictures of an old woman feeding bread to birds? Because that is pretty much all this book is. I love the 1 star reviews for this on amazon though.

With all due respect, this book does not present a real world view of either animals or the way humans should be relating to them.

Any animal person knows that feeding bread to wildlife, and waterfowl in particular, can be incredibly harmful to them. Bread has no caloric value to animals and can spread disease among bird populations. All animals are created life that have the same value, with none being more "noble" than another. Wildlife show us no gratitude when try to help it and can ask for no mercy should we choose to harm it. In addition the photography in this book is often out of focus and of poor quality.

What?! But Master Ching Hai would never harm animals!

This book wasn't what I expected from the title and the reviews. The pages consist mostly of pictures of the author feeding the ducks and swans bread from the plastic bag the bread came in from the store. And, most of the photos are out of focus which, for me, was a distraction. To me, the book was more like someone doing their own personal scrapbooking.

Told you. Nothing but pictures of an old woman feeding birds.

This author is sending SPAM and asking to befriend people on MySpace and Facebook claiming this is the #1 selling item on Amazon (here is the current ranking as of 6/29/09 @ 1:03pm: Sales Rank: #668,712 in Books)
I won't buy from someone with these kinds of practices.

She has done this with other books too.


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